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Try these surfboard factory listings and surfboard manufacturers once you've designed your own custom SUP.

Not every surfboard factory makes long boards and fewer are riding them but looking around is worth the effort. (Some boards are so short you'd almost recommend flippers and trying to kneeboard surf it.)

Feed your fascination with resin & foam. Design your own SUP.

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In the early days of fibreglass history there were some pretty sad stories in the big industry on the effects of dust and fumes. Even just a crash course of glassing repairs results in pretty quick fibreglass itches! But today's safety and equipment mean little harm to professional board shapers.

Speaking of the good ol' days, here's an intro to George Greenough, eccentric kneeboarder and film maker of one of the all time surf movie classics "Innermost Limits of Pure Fun". Remember the spoon kneeboard?!

Everyone has their big wave stories, driving "down south" (or north, depending where you live) or maybe the hard core surf of the Wild Coast. After a lot of long boarding, most felt it was time to try something more practical. Heaps of people were riding pintails around the 7ft mark down south, shaped by Tom Hoy, Greg Laurensen. Tony Hardy on the other hand reportedly rode 6ft 4in square tail no matter what size the wave.

Tracks Surfing Mag is the Bible for the surfing fraternity and the design articles are your staple diet.

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Terry Fitz and Bob McTavish are worthy of note in particular. From the Tracks articles Queensland's beautiful point surf becomes a real longing like Burleigh Point, 30 minutes from the famed Kirra Point. Give it a try...

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Find a surfboard factory fast so you can get out there in the sun and waves.

Dick Brewer, Bob McTavish & Terry Fitzgerald
- big wave shapers and board gurus.

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A surfboard manufacter wants to get you out on your SUP. Go for it.


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