Why custom?

I gather by your lack of response the mind does not like the idea of ordering by emailing details?

Here is what we are trying to achieve:
The sup market is growing rapidly. We want to invite as many people as possible to input into the designing of sup.

All boards work. Some better. The more custom designs the better SUP's will grow.

sup icon

We have set up a SUP Specialised Shaping and Glassing Factory open for anyone to have their designs finished and glassed ready to surf.

We have all the space that has not been available to Longer Boards for some time. Now over 200 square metres of space 3.5 metres of height and a shaping machine capable of machining 16ft. So no longer do SUPers have to hear the words "Sorry I can't find anyone to shape" or "No room to shape" or "No blank wide enough" or "thick enough" or "Glassing bay too small and sanding bay to small" or "No one glosses anymore" or "Sorry we are to busy making short boards"!

WE HAVE THE ROOM, ROOM, ROOM. Blanks, blanks, blanks. Know how, know how, know how.

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We invite experienced shapers to use our facilities with racks already for large thick blanks and blanks ready for any glue up and rocker up to 6" thick.

Pre-shapes, blanks and glassing, sanding and polishing facilities all available.

Don't buy off the rack SUPs. Design exactly what you want and deserve.

8/259 Condamine St Manly vale.

Take one of our boards across the road, paddle into Narra Lake, even go for a paddle to the surf at Narrabeen. Try before you buy.

You have at your disposal 16ft, 14ft, 13ft, 12ft, 11ft, 10ft, 9ft 6in, 9ft, 8ft6in. Modify what you want to change. Get back to the world of "Custom" Design.

Design your own board in two or three emails if you like. Design the colour, glass job, and have it sent to you as emailed pictures each stage of production. Then shipped when finished.

custom sup factory front and ute with first stand up paddle board
The Custom SUP factory opposite the Narrabeen Lakes

custom sup on shaping stand and offcuts
We want to invite as many as possible to input into SUP designs

custom sup factory racks
Over 200sq metres 3.5m high with plenty of racks for thick and long SUPs


Stand Up Paddle Surfboards

Custom SUP - Sydney Australia

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